VHF SSB/CW 2 Sprint Classic: The dust has settled!

Saturday, April 24 was a blustery, rainy day. But no amount of wet weather could dampen the intentions of many regional VHF enthusiasts, as they geared up for the first annual VHF SSB/CW 2M Sprint Classic contest.

The Sprint Classic is a contest that encourages VHF weak signal operations, using the traditional modes of SSB and CW. Stations were awarded points based upon the number of contacts made and the total number of grid squares worked (each grid square was a unique multiplier).

The action started at 1300Z (9 a.m. Eastern time) with the contest ending nine hours later at 2300Z. Band conditions were not favorable, due to a lack of wide-spread tropo. openings. However, band conditions aside, contest entrants reported working stations as far as Hamilton, Indiana; Lemont, Illinois; Cecil, Ohio, and all the way to Rudolph, Wisconsin! (Maybe Santa’s sleigh brought some good propagation to Wisconsin?)

After the dust settled, submitted scores were checked, submitted logs reviewed, and winners tabulated. Table 1 lists the scores for stations who received a score placement. Table 2 lists participants who did not submit a score summary by callsign and grid square.

As part of the event, category winners received a special award in recognition of their winning achievements. These special awards were sponsored by MFJ Enterprises, and DX Engineering. Two unique awards were given to the top score from a “legacy” station (an amateur licensed more than 25 years), and to the top score from a “rookie” station (an amateur licensed in the past three years). Those two awards were won respectively by Dan, K9EA (licensed for 67 years), and Steve, AC9EX (licensed 10 months). Congratulations fellas!

A big thank you goes out to MFJ Enterprises, DX Engineering, and the Fort Wayne Radio Club, for their sponsorship and support of this contest. The support of these great organizations added a great aspect to the event.

Also, a big tip of the hat goes to the Northeastern Indiana Amateur Radio Association for their support in posting contest information to their club website at w9ou.org.

Finally, I would like to thank all participants in the contest. Without you folks, a contest would not be possible. Thank you for tuning in your radios and handing out some points for the event!

Two meters has a lot to offer, and the SSB and CW modes can really unlock the great potential that is hidden in the two-meter band. I hope you all enjoyed experiencing the fun that weak signal operation offers on this highest of our VHF band privileges. Until next year’s event, 73, stay well, and keep your ears open for two-eter weak signal activity!

Jim Danielson, AC9EZ
VHF SSB/CW 2M Sprint Classic contest adjudicator
CWops #2342
SKCC #10658t
NAQCC #6672
Member of: ARRL, FWRC, and NIARA

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