Statewide tornado drill March 20

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The annual statewide tornado warning drill is scheduled to happen at around 10:15 a.m. Tuesday, March 20.

The Allen County SKYWARN net plans to run a test net during the drill. The net will operate on its usual frequency, 146.88 MHz, unless that repeater is unavailable. In that case, the net will run on its usual back-up frequency, 146.76 MHz.

If you’re available, please check into the net with a simulated spotter report. You can make up a wall cloud, funnel cloud, tornado, whatever you choose.

Please use this opportunity to practice standard net procedures. For example, when you initally check in, transmit only your call sign (preferably in phonetics) and what you intend to report. For example, W9ABC might send “Whiskey nine alpha bravo Charlie, wall cloud.” K9XYZ might send “Kilo nine x-ray yankee zulu, tornado.”

After the net control station acknowledges you, transmit your full report in TEL (time, event, location) format, e.g. “This is Whiskey nine alpha bravo Charlie, at 10:15 a.m. I saw a rotating wall cloud in northern Allen County, Indiana, approximately five miles west of Leo.”

I realize that, because this drill occurs during a weekday morning, your work schedule might prohibit your participation. I hope, however, that you’ll participate if possible.

The drill is part of Indiana Severe Weather Prepardness Week, more information about which is avilalbe in an NWS PDF file.

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