FWRC wins QSO Party club competition

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The Hoosier DX and Context Club announced that the Fort Wayne Radio Club (FWRC) was the top-scoring Indiana club in the 2022 Indiana QSO Party. The FWRC scored a total of 1,187,825 points, thanks to logs contributed by AC9EZ, KU8T, WB9DLC, W9GT, AC9XS, KB9OZI, N9ZI, K9BLI, KC9UR, K9FW, W9SA, KR9U, W9HT, WA9BBN, N8KR and W9SAN.

The NorthWest Indiana DX Club scored the second-highest total of 433,049 points and the Lafayette DX Association placed third with 182,142 points.

To be eligible for the club competition award one of the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • At least three club members submit individual logs meeting the event’s requirements for single-operator logs.
  • The club submits a single log for a multi-operator station (single or multi-transmitter) with at least three club members shown as operators.
  • The club submits a combination of single and multi-operator station logs to meet the minimum participation requirement.

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