Skywarn® net announces permanent frequency change

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The Allen County Skywarn® net has updated its net operations manual to indicate a change in the net’s alternate (backup) frequency to 146.94 MHz.

Effective immediately, any time the ACARTS 146.88 MHz repeater is unavailable (due to repeater failure or other issues), the Skywarn net will operate on the FWRC 146.94 MHz repeater in FM mode. That repeater also supports C4FM, also known as Yaesu Fusion mode, which the Skywarn net will not use. The 146.94 repeater requires user radios to transmit a 141.3 Hz continuous tone-coded squelch system tone. Users who also configure their radios to decode that tone will avoid hearing digital noise when the repeater is being used in C4FM mode.

For detailed information about how the Allen County Skywarn net works and how to participate, use the link below to download the latest version of the net operations manual.

Skywarn® is a registered trademark and program of the U.S. National Weather Service.

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