FWRC Announces Raffle Results

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We held the raffle of the three items in the FWRC 2021 dues re-up initiative tonight. Steve Nardin dropped off the last of the inputs received this afternoon and following dinner, we had two young men (our grand-daughters boyfriend, Alex King, and his friend Alex Thomas, both young men from Garrett, do the drawings. We bribed them by having them over for dinner. Carole’s a good cook). I took video and if I can figure out how to get that video up on the club web page I will make it available.

I transferred re-up and the extra raffle chance purchase requests from one hundred persons, (yes, at this point we have one hundred folks who have renewed their club membership for 2021) and transferred these inputs to physical raffle tickets. A total of four hundred and twenty four tickets resulted that I segregated between tickets for the wireless weather station, the 50 amp linear power supply, and the 20 amp switching power supply.

We implemented three raffles, one for each item, with the results (see attached) that the winners were:

  1. Jim Pliett, K9OMA – won the La Crosse Technology Wireless Weather Station.
  2. Mike Stien, WB9NOO – won the Astron VS-50M, 50 amp, 13.8 vdc linear power supply.
  3. Bob Jones, KB9MEA – won the Astron SS-25, 20 amp, 13.8 vdc switching power supply.

Carole called the three winners tonight and gave them the good news. Steve Nardin has the three items and will arrange to get the items to the winners.

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