June fox had few hunters

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foxhunt cartoonWell, the June foxhunt was minimalistic in terms of hunters because only Team-Steve & Linda Nardin, W9’s SAN & LAN and their grandson Alex, and Team- Charles Ward & Fred Gengnagel, KC’s MUT & EZP, were able to participate in this month’s contest. But no matter, they were primed and ready to go at the starting point at Cobin Memorial Park, twirling their Weber Rakes (a technical term for receive antennas) in anticipation of detecting and getting a bearing on the electro-magnetic waves launched from the fox’s antenna.

The services of the fox this month was provided by Don Glick, K9LI who was situated on the back porch of his QTH out in Grabill. Don was not able to acquire the micro-fox normally used these days for our fox hunts, so locating Don constituted finding the fox for this contest.

The signal was weak but readable at the starting point. But once detected and a bearing to the north-east established the chase was on, and both teams drove like Fernando Alonso at the Indy 500. It took about 50 minutes for the hunters to get localized to the Leo-Cedarville-Grabill area. Linda, Steve and Alex went all the way around Riverside Park and down route 1, while Charles and Fred took a slower, but more precise route.

In Cedarville, the W9LAN team came upon the MUT team executing a U-turn in the middle of the road. (After phoning an anonymous tip to the Allen County Sheriff’s department regarding apparent reckless driving), they followed the Charles team over Cedar Creek and spotted the location of the fox. Charles and Fred came to rest in a cloud of tire smoke, while the Linda-Steve-Alex team approached from the rear, and the chase was now on foot! Charles was first to discover Don and wife sitting on their back porch, so that team was deemed the winner.

Following the hunt everyone boogied over to the Tasty Freeze in Grabill for banana splits and other concoctions. As Alex was recovering from quadruple wisdom teeth removal he ate (according to him) only soft, tasteless food.

Hunter June hunt points Year-to-date points
WB9RUS 0 3
WB9SSE 0 6
K9OMA 0 8.33
KA9YYI 0 6.33
W9SAN 1 5
W9LAN 1 5
Alex 1 3
KC9MUT 3 18.67
KC9EP 2 16.67
KC9UOQ 0 9.33
KK4QXC 0 8.33
K9LI 4 11


So, Charles and Fred will serve as the fox for the July hunt. Why not join us?

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