3 thoughts on “6 meter SSB Net

  1. Donnie Garrett

    This is Donnie Garrett / WA9TGT located in Muncie, IN
    I have recently re-started up the old “East Central Indiana” 6 Meter Phone Net. It meets on Sunday Nights at 8PM on 50.140 Mhz / USB. It is a directed net but it is open to all who may wish to check into it. Its been running now for 3 months and I have been acting as net control and will continue to do so until it grows even more.
    Thanks for reading my post.
    Regards, WA9TGT

    1. Kevin Quick

      I just noticed this. I am Kevin N9NAQ. I will try to get to you next Sunday. I just gave a call on the frequency but no one was there.


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