FWRC board to meet on the air

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Please be advised that the January 2014 Board Of Directors meeting will not be held at Good Shepherd Church on Tuesday, but instead will be conducted OTA (On The Air) at 7:00 pm EST on the 146.76 repeater in Fort Wayne. Due to the instense cold and travel difficulties, we will meet in our ham shacks to discuss the following topics:

1.) The annual FWRC January Auction, on Friday, at the church.

2.) The Indiana Repeater Council (and surrounding states repeater councils) effort to have ALL co-ordinated repeaters to adopt PL input tones. This would require additional hardware on most of FWRC’s repeaters. This is bound to be a contensious subject!

3.) We need a subject for the February FWRC meeting.

4.) A new Fox Hunt starting point (the OTB site may be closing)

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