Fort Wayne Radio Club January auction, Friday, January 17

Well, it’s getting to be that time of the year again. Yes, it’s January, that month where the temperatures tend to keep us indoors for the most part. But that gives us the perfect opportunity to root through our basements, attics, ham shacks and other cubby-holes to un-earth all of those gizmos, widgets and gadgets that we no longer have use for, or that she will no longer tolerate cluttering up available living spaces in the house. So it’s time to remove them and trade them for other stuff we don’t really need either. Yes, it’s time to attend the FWRC auction for the annual transfer of “stuff”.

This time honored event, i.e., the auction, will occur on Friday, 17 January at the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, corner of Vance Ave. and Reed Rd. where the FWRC conducts its monthly meetings. In fact, the auction serves as the January meeting.

Set-up will commence at 5:30 pm and the auction will start promptly at 6:30 pm and will continue till around 9:00 pm. Folks planning to bring items for auction, or those planning to purchase goodies should arrive early enough before the auction starts to place and display their offerings on the auction tables and obtain their buy/seller ID numbers from Treasurer, Bob Streeter or one of his helpers. In that regard a few notes on the conduct of the auction are found below.

The rules are simple:

1) Come prepared to sell or buy.

Sellers are encouraged to group small items together as one “lot” to be auctioned. The auction will move more smoothly if you group your items before you bring them to the auction. If there is a minimum price you will accept, that should be clearly marked on the item.

Buyers should have adequate funds available (no credit extended). Please do not sell items privately during the auction, since this is a club fund raising activity.

2) Sign out an auction ID number card from Bob or Donna Streeter if you are buying or selling.

You do not need an auction ID number if you are just watching the fun. Please return your ID number card when you leave the auction, since they can be used next year. In case you have a lucky number, you may sign out any ID number that is still available from the ID card stack when you sign in. The club has ID #1.

3) Keep track of your activities.

Sellers are advised to keep track of the buyers auction ID and amount of bid accepted for each item auctioned. Buyers are advised to keep track of their purchases (seller ID & Item) and the amount of money they have spent. The club will attempt to tag each item successfully auctioned with the seller and buyer ID numbers to help identify the auctioned items.

The treasurer will keep records of the auction activities, and all accounts must be settled with the club treasurer the night of the auction. The treasurer always welcomes assistance in keeping track of the auction activities!

4) Check out with the treasurer when you leave the auction or remove equipment.

Buyers must pay in full the night of the auction. Sellers will be paid by the treasurer following the auction of their items, less a 10% fee that goes to the club. Buyers may leave at any time after paying for their purchases and removing them. Sellers may leave at any time, but any unsold items must be removed.

5) Do not leave anything behind in the meeting room after the auction.

Please make sure that the buyers pick up the items they bought. Sellers must remove items that did not sell at the auction.

6) Spend money. Have fun. Take the opportunity to pay your dues for the year 2014 if you have not already done so.

Bob, W8ST
Treasurer, FWRC

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