FWRC Field Day 2013 wrap-up


The 2013 addition of the ARRL Field Day activity is in the record books! Once again, the Fort Wayne Radio Club has made me the proudest club president in the state. We all came together, got the stations up without any incidents, operated for the full 24 hours, and took down the towers again without any safety concerns. Here are some of the highlights:

Thanks to Charles and Fred for putting up the 20 meter SSB station in the “Compound”.

Thanks to Terry and his grandson for running the 40 meter CW station and letting me steal power for the VHF station.

Thanks to Brian for running the GOTA station, and doing the PR mailing. Despite antenna problems, were able to make over 100 contacts and get some new hams and prospective hams in front of a microphone!

Thanks to the YL’s: Linda, Deb, and Kim, for doing the Hog Roast and the Field Day Sunday breakfast! (gotta love those blueberry pancakes….and chocolate chip pancakes!)

Thanks to everyone that helped clean up and keep the area looking good!

Thanks to Joseph, K9RFZ, who put together the information table, got an elected official to show up, taught a class on coax connections, and charged a gel cell to allow for 5 alternate power contacts on 6 & 2, all of which gave us 100 additional points each.

Thanks to Brian and Chad for their theory class.

Thanks to Joseph for his theory class.

And thanks to all of these for bringing them out to the VEC test session, a first for our Field Day effort.

Thanks to the VEC’s including Tom N9TB, Brian W9BGJ, and was there a 3rd VEC?

Thanks to Bill, K3HZP, for running not only QRP, but CW during the FD.

Thanks too, for Mike, WB9DLC, who also ran QRP, but also helped with brass pounding!

Thanks to Tom, KU8T, for setting up a 20 meter CW station.

Thanks to Al, WB9SSE, and Carole, WB9RUS, for helping with set up and take down, and for the great sauerkraut dish!

A big thank you to Dave Jones, KC9TIK, and Larry, KB9OS, for all their effort to secure the Dolnick Learning Center site for the use for QRP night, the parking lot meeting, and the Field Day as well.

Thanks to Charles for computer work.

Thanks to Kristi, AB9PC, for helping with CW.

Thanks to Dick, WB9FTW, for setting up a 6th station and helping to run up the score.

Thanks to Jack, W9GT, for showing up Sunday and helping out. (next year, special points for a vintage station?? who knows….)

Thanks to Jim, KB9WWM, for putting together the Digital station and also trying 160 meters.

I am sure that there are some I have forgotten to mention, and I am sorry about that! We’ll try to get them the recognition they deserve as we move forward. Be sure to join us on July 19th for the complete wrap up and videos and pictures of our Field Day

And this from K9RFZ:

In addition to what Steve mention, we earned 100 bonus points operating in a public location. Jim Moehring KB9WWM copied the ARRL bulletin and sent a digital message to the SEC (100 points each). We earned 100 points for having a served agency representative attend (Tom Reinhart, KC9MOA from CERT). I believe for the first time ever we scored the 100 bonus points for a satellite QSO when KB9WWM and K9RFZ (home station) made contact using packet through the International Space Station. We also scored some bonus points for having a handful of younger than 18 year old attendees make QSO’s.
This may also be a first for FWRC to score more than 1000 bonus points at Field Day!

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