K9H special event station plans change

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Sample of certificate available to stations that contact the K9H special event station.

Plans for a special event station connected with an International Harvester truck homecoming event have changed, according to Steve Nardin, W9SAN.

The FWRC no longer plans to operate at the event itself on Meyer Road, as announced earlier. Instead, all K9H operations will be from the homes of FWRC members. Members may register to use the special call sign from their home stations through August 8. To register a time to operate as K9H, contact Nardin at w9san@arrl.net.

Members may operate on any band and multiple stations may operate simultaneously on different bands (which is why registration is necessary). Members may also use the special event call sign on Echolink, D-STAR, or other ‘internet’ modes. And because K9H will not be participating in a contest, the “WARC bands” (12, 17, and 30 meters) are also OK.

K9H operators must keep a log of all stations they contact, including the date, time, band and call sign of the other station. Operators should mention that a special certificate for contacting K9H is available via email. Stations may request the certificate by sending an email message with contact information to Josh Long, drjoshlong@gmail.com. Stations may contact K9H on as many bands as they wish, but the club will send only one certificate per station. K9H operators will also receive a certificate.

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