WANE TV-15 story features ham radio & Morse code

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Closeup photos of a telegraph key.

January 25, Fort Wane CBS affiliate WANE TV-15 aired a feature story, “The dits and dahs of Morse Code in the digital age,” about local ham radio operators and their enthusiasm for Morse code and straight keys.

The hypertext above links to a page on the station’s website where one can view the video, a written version of the story and several still frames.

WANE videographer Dani Hough visited the New Haven shack of Ken Rogner, N8KR while local members of the Straight Key Century Club participated in a special event. WANE news anchor Pat Hoffman, who produces a series of feature stories called, “Positively Fort Wayne” decided to base a story for his series on video his colleague recorded at Ken’s station.

The videographer’s visit resulted from a pitch sent to the station by ARRL volunteer public information officer Jay Farlow, W9LW, who also provided some of the video that Hoffman used.

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