FWRC to conduct prize drawing for new and renewed memberships

New and renewing FWRC members who pay their 2023 dues before the Fort Wayne Hamfest ends Nov. 20 will receive a chance to win a new TinySA spectrum analyzer in a drawing the club plans at the hamfest.

Anyone may enter the drawing by mailing their dues payment or paying at the FWRC table during the hamfest. To be included in the drawing, mailed dues payments must arrive at the FWRC post office box by noon, Dec. 17.

The club will sell additional raffle entries for $1.00 each. Payment for such additional entries may be included with mailed dues or made at the club table at the hamfest.

Every person who pays 2023 dues will also receive a new club decal, suitable for display on vehicles and elsewhere. Members may purchase additional decals for $1.00 each.

The drawing prize, manufactured by SeeSii, will include the latest firmware version (V0.3.1). Its input frequency range is 100 kHz to 960 MHz (MF thru UHF). The device features a 2.8-inch touch screen and provides electrostatic discharge protection on its inputs. It includes a signal generator that provides a low-level sine wave output between 100 KHz and 350 MHz and a square wave output from 240 MHz thru 960 MHz. The signal generator is used for automatic self test and calibration.

Members who have already paid their 2023 dues are already entered in the drawing. As of November 14, those members include KD9HWH, K9UWA, KC9GGV, W4UHF, WA9BBN, KA9GKE, N9HRA and N9AKZ.

Entrants may download, print, and complete the form linked below.

2023 dues promotion entry form

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