FWRC to give HF station to new ham

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Icom HF transceiver and accessories to be given away to a new ham in a drawing.

One lucky, new ham radio operator will win an Icom HF transceiver and accessories during the 2021 Fort Wayne Hamfest.

Any person who meets the criteria listed below may enter the drawing at no charge.

To qualify for the drawing, a person must:

  • Hold a valid U.S. Technician, General or Extra Class amateur radio license or have passed an official exam (e.g., during the hamfest) for a Technician, General or Extra Class amateur radio license that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has not yet issued, and
  • Have never held an amateur radio license issued by the FCC prior to November 17, 2019, and  
  • Not currently own any device that transmits on any amateur radio HF bands (10 meters through and including 160 meters), including a transmitter or transceiver. Ownership of a stand-alone HF receiver that lacks the ability to transmit does not disqualify an entrant.

The widow of a deceased ham radio operator donated the following equipment (pictured above) for the drawing. It is her wish to help a new ham get started on the HF bands.

  • An Icom IC-745, 10 thru 160-meter, 100-watt, multi-mode transceiver with matching ICOM SP-3 speaker.
  • An Icom SM-10 compressor and graphic equalizer with microphone.
  • An MFJ 949E Versatuner antenna tuner.

In other words, the prize is a complete HF starter station, except for antenna and feedline.

The FWRC will draw the winning name November 14 at the end of the Fort Wayne Hamfest, so all entries must arrive before then.

Qualifying persons (see above) may enter the drawing at the FWRC table at the 2021 Fort Wayne Hamfest or by contacting by telephone or email any of the FWRC officers or directors listed below. Entrants should be prepared to demonstrate that they meet the qualifications described above.

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