Mail-in raffle underway to promote FWRC membership renewal

FWRC will raffle a weather station (left), Astron linear power supply (top right) and Astron switching power supply (lower right) as incentives for membership renewals and new memberships.

The Fort Wayne Radio Club normally promotes the renewal of club membership during the Fort Wayne Hamfest in November. Typically, it received about 70 percent of each year’s membership dues during that event. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, required the cancellation of the 2020 Hamfest, so FWRC needed an alternate method of promoting membership renewal.

The club therefore mailed membership forms (see link below) with a cover letter to every person who is a member in 2020. The mailing included a stamped, self-addressed, return envelope with which members may mail their membership forms and dues to the club post office box.

The membership form is also available for download from this website, by following the link below.

The form requests each member’s email address and phone number, to keep our member database current. It also provides opportunity to update members’ postal addresses, call signs and license classes.

The club is raffling three items this year (vs. the single item in previous years) as incentive join or renew:

  1. La Crosse Technology S81120 wireless weather station with sensors for wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity.
  2. Astron VS-50M linear power supply, 13.8 vdc (adjustable), rated at 50 amps intermittent and 37 amps continuous duty.
  3. Astron SS-25 switching power supply, 13.8 vdc, rated at 25 amps intermittent and 20 amps continuous.

Everyone who submits a membership form with dues for 2021 gets one chance at one of the three items identified above. Members may also purchase additional chances at any or all three items for $1.00 per chance. For example, a member who wants 10 additional chances at the La Crosse Technology weather station would write a check for $10.00 plus membership dues. That’s pretty inexpensive, considering the cost of purchasing one of these weather stations on your own.

Mailed membership forms and dues must arrive in the club post office box by Dec. 12 to qualify for the raffle. Members may also deliver their forms and dues in person to any FWRC officer or director. To be eligible for the raffle, members who so choose may do so as late as Dec. 15, as long as the entries arrive before the drawings, which will occur during the Dec. 15 club meeting at the downtown branch of the Allen County Public Library. Members not be present to win.

Current members whose address is incorrect in club records, and anyone who is not a 2020 member will not receive a form by mail, but may download it from this website, using the link below.

FWRC membership form 2021

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