June fox hangs with alumns

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foxhunt cartoon

By Meghan Warrix, KD9ODP and Adam Warrix, KD9NRT

Although the weather has improved, the current situation with COVID-19 has led to a postponement of foxhunting. This all changed on a beautiful June 7th. The sun was out and a single cloud wasn’t seen in the sky. You couldn’t ask for better weather. Four teams, observing social distancing, assembled in the parking lot waiting for the 1:30 PM start time.

Adam, KD9NRT, and his wife Meghan, KD9ODP, served as the fox. The microfox was hidden under the skirting of a light post at the Purdue – Fort Wayne Alumni Center. At exactly 1:30 PM, Meghan started transmitting. The theme for the day was 100 lesser known facts. One group would win but everyone would win through knowledge. The groups set off in search of the microfox.

Adam’s small red car was parked so it blended in with other surrounding cars… until they left, leaving his car the sole remaining vehicle and a suspicious one at that. This only fooled the group for three broadcasts where in the van of Linda, W9LAN, Steve, W9SAN, and their grandson Alex, were seen driving by on Coliseum Blvd. They went past. Everyone would need one more broadcast. Linda, Steve, and Alex found the car and pulled into the Alumni Center. They pulled in just as the microfox started to broadcast. Just as Steve was jumping from the van, Charles, KC9MUT, and Phil, AB9IZ, pulled in. Steve found the microfox. Steve replaced it in time for Charles to have a go at finding it. He found it just a few seconds later.
After one more round of broadcasts from Meghan, Al, WB9SSE, along with Carole, WB9RUS, Jim, K9OMA, and Annie, KA9YYI, arrived. After a little confusion, they found the fox. Last to arrive were Don, K9LI and his wife Julie.

The post hunt festivities were held at the Johnny Appleseed Park campground. Social distancing was maintained, but fun was still had. Another successful foxhunt in the books.

As the Nardin’s were the first to locate the microfox, they will serve as the fox for the July hunt which will occur on Sunday, 12 July.

Points for the June hunt and for the year to date are as follows:

HunterJune ScoreYear-to-Date Score

Why not join in for the foxhunt? You can participate with minimal equipment. You can even participate from home. Join in on the 12th at 1:30 PM. The starting location is the shopping center next to Cobin Memorial Park on N. Coliseum Blvd.

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