2020 Indiana QSO Party Recap

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“Wow! What a Saturday! When we put our minds to it, our club can rise to the occasion!” That’s how Ken Rogner, N8KR reacted to the Fort Wayne Radio Club’s participation in the 2020 Indiana QSO Party (INQP), May 2.

Ken wrote that he knew of at least 32 Allen County stations on the air for the event. He logged 28 of them himself.

The list of participating Allen County stations included at least the following (in arbitrary order): W9TE, N9HRA, W9HT, KC8ZH, K9BLI, KD9GDY, KJ9R, K9LA, WB9MYQ, KD9HAV, KD9INP, WD7G, W9GT, K9FMX, K9FW, WA9BBN, KS9KCC, W9SAN, KD9NRT, W9LW, N9RIS, KU8T, KC9WOM, AE9YL, KC9TGK, KD9ITZ, KB9OS, K3HZP, KA9GKE, K9LI, KD9JLL, and AC9EZ.

Ken reminded all participating FWRC members to submit their logs to the event organizers and to assure that they identify the Fort Wayne Radio Club as their club affiliation. The log submission deadline is June 1, according to INQP rules, but Ken encouraged members to submit their logs without delay.

For participants who used any kind of computer program to create their logs, the rules indicate that operators should send those logs as email attachments to inqp@hdxcc.org or (if the previous address doesn’t work) inqplogs@fastmail.com. The event committee prefers logs in the Cabrillo format.

Participants who created handwritten logs may send them to Tim Gardner, 332 S 28th St., Lafayette, IN 47904. Note that Tim will accept only hand-written paper logs at this address, not computer printouts.

FWRC members who created handwritten logs using the forms that Ken provided should remember to complete the summary sheet, sign it and include it in the mailing.

In addition to submitting logs to the INQP organizers, Ken asks that all FWRC members email reports to him at n8kr@arrl.net. He requests members report their QSO and multiplier counts, as well as their point scores. He also encourages operators to optionally include additional information, such as writings about their experiences, station descriptions, operating periods, farthest contact, numbers of states or counties contacted and how much fun they had.

Ken encourages any members who have questions to contact him directly at at n8kr@arrl.net.

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