FWRC offers certificate for centennial contacts with members

Example of a certificate available to hams who make 100 contacts with FWRC members during calendar year 2020.

The Fort Wayne Radio Club (FWRC) is celebrating its centennial by offering a commemorative certificate to any amateur radio station who logs at least 100 contacts with FWRC members between Jan. 1, 2020 and 0500 UTC Jan. 1, 2021.

The club is calling the event, “100 years, 100 Contacts.” Anyone who wishes to receive the operating award must make 100 contacts with FWRC members using any band, mode, or amateur equipment. Participants may count contacts with the same FWRC member multiple times per day, but only if each contact is on a different band, mode, or combination of both. Participants must make contact with minimum of 25 different FWRC members. During each contact, stations must exchange call signs, names, cities, signal report, rig description, antenna description, and state, province or country. “Rag chewing” (extended conversation) is encouraged.

A list of FWRC members (i.e., stations that can be counted toward the certificate) is available on the FWRC website.

Participants may create logs using any logging program. To receive a certificate, they must either send via email a file containing only the Fort Wayne Radio Club members contacted, including contact information, date, time, mode and band, to kg9fm@arrl.net, or send paper logs (as done 100
years ago) via post to:

Clark Derbyshire, KG9FM
4107 North Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46815

All certificates will be sent via email, so participants must provide a valid email address.

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