Website changed, some data temporarily unavailable

Tonight, we migrated the FWRC website from a very outdated version of the Joomla content management system (CMS) to an up-to-date version of WordPress CMS.

No data was last in the process, but some data will be unavailable via the new CMS for a while.

For example, we will gradually re-install the various photo galleries over time, starting with the newest and working our way back to the oldest. This could take several weeks, if not months.

Also, many posts that linked to newsletters and other files now have broken links. The files are still available via the Files choice in the main menu, but the posts no longer link to them. Over time, we will edit those posts and fix those links, staring with the most recent posts and working our way back to the oldest. Again, this could take a considerable amount of time and we might never get all the posts edited.

Calendar data must be re-entered manually, as it did not migrate. We we re-enter that data starting the events that are scheduled soonest and working our way farther into the year.

User accounts did not migrate, either. For now, send to the webmaster any new material that needs added to the site and he’ll take care of it. All users that have published directly to the site in the past will receive new accounts eventually, along with some training in how to post to the new CMS. We encourage such users to get an advance start by reviewing the “Getting Started with WordPress” web page.

Finally, expect some tweaking to the visual design of the website, as we experiment with different templates, banner artwork and color schemes.

We thank you for your patience. Migrating the website was necessary for various reasons, including security and the fact that our web hosting provider had begun charging extra for using an outdated version of the PHP scripting language.

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