Vintage HF gear on block at Friday’s FWRC auction

The FWRC annual Auction this coming Friday will feature several vintage radios. The club is selling three stations of vintage gear, and we would like to report that three other vintage rigs are also planned to be present.

The FWRC stations are a vintage Kenwood TS-520 radio with accessories and a Drake TR-3 Transceiver with power supply, matching speaker and D-104 microphone. Also, donated to the club is a Heathkit SB-104A station.

Here is a picture of the Kenwood station:

Vintage Kenwood ham radio HF station to be auctioned by Fort Wayne Radio Club

This Kenwood station has been checked out and it receives great. The transmitter has a little 120 HZ buzz, but otherwise works fine, and the CW works too. It has two filters, one for SSB and one for CW (500 HZ bandwidth).  In original boxes. The station is excellent cosmetically, except for the Electro Voice microphone, which has been through a war (but works fine). The digital display is very accurate. The remote VFO has not been tested, as the cable is missing. This rig has AC and DC power supplies, but the DC cable is missing as well. The tuner is great, and has only two knobs. It was tested with a long wire antenna and a 9:1 UNUN.

Here is a picture of the Drake station:

Vintage Drake ham radio HF station to be auctioned by Fort Wayne Radio Club

The Drake TR-3 is in good condition. The receiver is very weak and needs attention. The transmitter has not been tested. The D-104 mic is included. Original manual is included. All tubes light. The speaker includes an AC power supply. It is recommended that only some one familiar with tube circuits purchase and work on this rig. 

Here is the Heathkit station:

Vintage Heathkit ham radio HF station to be auctioned by Fort Wayne Radio Club

The Heathkit SB-104A is the solid state replacement for the famous SB-102 series. The tuner is home brew in a cabinet to match the SB series. Operational status of this station is unknown. Manuals are included.

Another FWRC rig to be sold at the auction is a Yaesu VX-170 HT with charger and speaker mic. This is a 2 meter only HT and it works fine.

The club also has a Century 21 CW transciever, if someone is interested, let me know.

Also coming to the auction are the following older rigs:

  • Collins 75S-3B receiver
  • Hallicrafters SX-100 receiver
  • Halicrafters HT-32 transmitter

Condition of this gear is unknown; see it at the auction!

For more information, contact Steve, W9SAN, at, or visit Paul Pestia’s auction website.

73, See you at the Auction!!

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