February 2016 foxhunt chronicles

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On February 7th, The weather was sunny but there was still a bite in the air when the Fort Wayne Radio Club began its first Fox Hunt of the year at 1:30 PM. The turnout was a good one: Five teams were gathered at the start point at Carrington Field on the city’s east side near the old K-Mart store. The foxes for this hunt was W9LAN, her hubby, W9SAN, and their grandson, Alex, and they had hidden in a rare commercial place (with special permission of the owner of course).

The fox’s lair was relatively close by the start, located at the Books, Comics, and Things store in Georgetown Square. With Linda’s minivan as the high power fox parked in the lot behind the store, we were certain that the hunters would make multiple passes around our site before the light bulbs in their heads would turn on and localize us. Boy, were we wrong! Several hunters homed in on us pretty quick. The first on the scene were Jason and Deborah, KC9UOQ & KK4QXC, followed closely by Charles, KC9MUT, and Fred, KC9EZP, with Phil Hooper, AB9IZ tagging along.

As the hunters swarmed around BCT looking for the low power micro fox, the property’s owner, Tracie, and my daughter, Courtney, were inside watching the insanity that was unfolding outside. Some of the store’s patrons thought that Homeland Security was hunting for a North Korean satellite, but were amused none the less!

Shortly, Robert, KC9UHU, and David, K9NDU arrived on the scene, followed by Jim, K9OMA and Al, WB9SSE with Carole, WB9RUS and Anne, KA9YYI. The last to arrive was the couple that lived the closest to the fox, Kim, KB9DOS and Jim, KB9DOT. The micro fox was hidden on a piece of structural aluminum that was part of one of the business signs. All quickly localized and found the fox. Unfortunately, nobody took up the offer for riding along with any of the teams. If you are interested in finding out just what this Fox Hunting business is all about and how much fun it can be, why not consider riding along? It is a fun way to learn and become part of the action!

It didn’t take too long for all to decide to retire to the Culver’s restaurant in the Maplewood Shopping Center for food and refreshment. (Let’s face it, for many hunters this is the best part!!!)

The Fox for the next hunt, coming up on March 6th will be Jason, KC9UOQ, and Deborah, KK4QXC . This I believe is their first time as foxes, so we will see what kind of diabolical hiding place they can come up with.

Remember that all our Fox Hunts are “Ride Along” hunts, so if you would like to join the fun or see what it is all about, come out and join us!

Standings for this Fox Hunt: February Foxhunt scores as follows:

Hunter(s) Points
Steve, Linda, Alex 7.8
Eicholtz 6.0
Romaine 5.0
Ward, Gengnagel, Hooper 4.0
Dean, Spence 3.0
Burke/Pliett Team 2.0
Jim & Kim 1.0

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