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Welcome to an on line auction for the estate of Maynard Mansfield, W9INA, who became a silent key early this year.  Although his station was small, it is comprised of very good recent equipment which is not very old and very well taken care of.


Fort Wayne Radio Club On-Line Auction:

For the estate of Maynard Mansfield, W9INA the following rules apply:

1.)           The auction runs from November 2nd to November 8th, 2015 ending at 8:00 pm EST.

2.)           Bidding will be done via e-mail to W9SAN, Steve, at W9SAN@ARRL.NET

3.)           Send in your bids along with the item number followed by the bid amount. Please round to the nearest dollar.

4.)           Each day, the list of items and highest bids will be placed on the FWRC web site. Bids will reflect the previous day’s highest bid.

5.)           Equipment has not been tested, but appears to be in good condition (see listing below)

6.)           Some items do have a reserve, which is included in the listing below

7.)           Photos of almost all the items, with their associated number will be added to the club website in the ‘photo’ section

8.)           All sales are final. For any questions about the equipment or the auction, please contact Steve, W9SAN, via e-mail.

9.)           No shipping is allowed. All items are to be picked up locally.

10.)        Money orders or Cashier’s Checks are preferred; other payment options are at the discretion of the Fort Wayne Radio Club, who has the final word on any sale.


Description: Complete Yaesu Station: FTDX3000 Xcvr; FP-1030 Power Supply; SP-8 Speaker; Hand microphone; Bencher Iambiac paddle; FH-2 Remote Keypad;  Navigator interface for Digital modes and CW.

                Condition: Excellent: only used for 6 months.

                Reserve: $1600 is the minimum bid.  Current Bid:   0


Description: Antenna; GAP Challenger IV vertical; 80, 40, 20, 15, 12, 10, 6 & 2 meter bands; 30 feet high; radials not included (3 25 foot buried radials recommended)

                Condition: Very good: was guyed outdoors; 80 meter frequency is 3.835 MHz center.

                Reserve: $250.     Current Bid:  0


Description: Yaesu Handi Talkie; model FT-11R; no charger; no documentation

Condition: Fair

Reserve: $0      Current Bid: $20


Description:  Knight Kit vintage Receiver and Transmitter; R-100A & T-150A

Condition:  Very good cosmetically; Receiver has all tubes lighting, but filter capacitors need to be replaced; Transmitter currently untested but does need to have bandswitch repaired (it is extremely difficult to turn). No manuals.

Reserve: $100 (for both; units sold only as a pair)……Current Bid:   0

BOOKS: All recent books are in very good condition; some include the CD of the contents:

ITEM #5: ARRL ANTENNA BOOK for 2003 Hardbound with CD…..Current Bid:   $5

ITEM #6: ARRL Handbook for 1994 Hardbound……Current Bid:   0

ITEM #7: ARRL Handbook for 2014 Softbound with CD…..Current Bid: $10

ITEM #8: ARRL Handbook for 1991 Hardbound……. Current Bid:   0

ITEM #9: ARRL Handbook for 2010 Softbound with CD…….Current Bid:   $5

ITEM #10: ARRL Handbook for 2002 Softbound…….Current Bid:   0

ITEM #11: ARRL Handbook for 1958; rough condition…….Current Bid:  $4

ITEM #12: ARRL Handbook for 1967; fair condition…….Current Bid:   0

ITEM #13: ARRL ANTENNA BOOK for 1955; fair condition…….Current Bid:   $5

ITEM #14: ARRL ANTENNA BOOK for 1970; good condition…….Current Bid:   $5

ITEM #15: ARRL Handbook for 2006 Softbound with CD…….Current Bid:   $5

ITEM #16: ARRL RF EXPOSURE & YOU; very good condition…….Current Bid:   $5

ITEM #17: ARRL FM & REPEATERS; 1972 good condition…….Current Bid:  0

ITEM #18: TEKTRONIX 547 OSCILLOSCOPE; a real classic and it works! This thing weighs about as much as a Jeep! Two man lift for sure; there is no reserve. Can anyone provide a good home for this scope??   Very good condition.

…….Current Bid:  0

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