June fox played by subs

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foxhunt cartoonThe June foxhunt occurred as scheduled on 7 June after a little suspense regarding its actual date. The suspense occurred because, as it worked out on that date, neither the Pliett/Burke team, who were to be the Fox, nor the Nardin team, could participate in the hunt on the 7th. This meant that one of the other foxhunt teams would need to act as the Fox, and likely only two remaining teams would be available to hunt. So the alternative of moving the hunt to the following Sunday was considered.

Ultimately it was decided to carry on with the hunt on the 7th. Jason Eicholtz, KC9UOQ & Debbie Romine, KK4QXC graciously agreed to serve as the Fox in place of the Pliett/Burke team, which left the crew of Charles Ward, KC9MUT, Fred Gengnagle, KC9EZP & Robert Dean, KC9UHU, and the team of Jim & Kim Machamer, KB9’s DOS & DOT as the two hunting groups for the June event.

Jason and Debbie ensconced the fox about 12′ off the deck in a tree along the River Greenway in Sweeney Park near the Jefferson Street Bridge. The contest started at 13:38 hours with the fox warbling on 147.855 MHz. The two hunting teams started from Cobin Memorial Park and rapidly localized Jason and Debbie’s hideout, the Ward/Gengnagle/Dean team about thirty two minutes into the hunt, the Machamer team five minutes later. The Ward/Gengnagle/Dean team then found the fox forty four minutes into the hunt with Charles the first to locate the little devil, and the Machamer’s found it ten minutes later.

Following the pursuit everyone refueled at Steak-N-Shake, which is always a good way to finish a hunt.

Given the results of this hunt, the Ward/Gengnagle/Ward crew is slated to serve as the Fox for the July adventure which is scheduled to occur on Sunday the 12th. Hope to see you there.

Given the time-to-find numbers mentioned above, the following points earned for this hunt, and for the year-to-date are:

Hunter June Points Year-to-date points
K9OMA 0 18.66
KA9YYI 0 16.66
WB9RUS 0 16.66
WB9SSE 0 16.66
W9SAN 0 7
W9LAN 0 7
Alex 0 4
KB9DOS 1 4
KB9DOT 1 4
KC9MUT 3 24.75
KC9UHU 2 23.75
KC9EZP 2 12.75
KC9UOQ 4.5 (fox) 9.5
KK4QXC 4.5 (fox) 7.5

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