Volunteers needed for Jamboree on the Air

OK, if you are interested in helping youth experience the fun of Amateur Radio, mark the date of October 18th on your calendar! The Fort Wayne Radio Club needs your help in supporting local Boy Scout troops in two locations, one here in Fort Wayne at the local Scout office, and another in Stueben County at Camp Chief Little Turtle. 
The operation will run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday, October 18th, the day after the club meeting. We will be helping the scouts in the following areas:
1.) At Camp Little Turtle, we will operate an HF station to contact other JOTA sites.
2.) At the Scout office, we will operate a VHF station to make use of Echolink or D-STAR, to connect with other JOTA sites.
3.) We will assist scouts working toward their communication merit badges.
4.) We will hold mini Fox Hunts to showcase radio Direct Finding technology.
5.) Answering questions about Amateur Radio
We will need plenty of volunteers to make this all happen! Please respond to one or all of the following:
Michael Boschet, AB9CE, at michael.boschet@gmail.com
Richard Gilson, KC9PUX, at signman359@gmail.com
Steve Nardin, W9SAN,    at W9SAN@ARRL.NET
Please RSVP quickly, as JOTA is only 2 weekends away!  TNX!

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