Sale of Ham Radio equipment by Julian Franke, W9TQA

To be held Saturday June 21st at his residence at 5204 Gehring Lane, Fort Wayne, IN 46818

The following is a partial listing of items:

Heathkit SB 200 Linear Amplifier
Kenwood TL-922A Linear Amplifier
VJ 90 2 Meter Linear Amplifier
Gonset Communicator AM Transceiver w/crystal (I think it was for 6 Meters)
Hallicrafters SX42 Receiver with stand and R46 Speaker
Multi-Band Radio

3 Element Mosley Beam Antenna for 15 Meters
Mosley Classic 33 Tri Band Yagi on an 18′ boom
Mosley Classic 36 Tri Band Yagi on a 24′ boom
Hy Gain 6 Element 6 Meter Antenna on a 24′ boom
Pirod 100′ Commercial self-supporting Tower (5 sections of 20′) You take down and move

High Voltage power supply (pair of 866A mercury vapor tubes) 0-2000Vdc at 500mA with Variac

Metal 12 Drawer Cabinet with parts (screws, nuts, bolts, tube sockets, etc.)

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