SDR, vintage radio talks highlight upcoming meetings

We have two noteworthly meetings this month, both of which it will be worth the effort to attend!

The first is the ACARTS meeting on Tuesday, March 18th (tomorrow) at 7:00 pm at the Salvation Army. The presentation will be on MDSR, which stands for Modulation Demodulation Software Receiver. The MDSR is a way to add a SDR or Software Defined Receiver functions to an existing older receiver! In essence, you use an SDR at the IF or Intermediate Frequency of an existing radio. Pretty cool stuff?

The second is the FWRC meeting on Friday, March 21st (this coming Friday) at 7:00 pm at the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church. Our presentation this time will be by Jack Shutt, W9GT, on Vintage Radio. Join us to remember Radio’s past roots, when the real radios glowed in the dark and kept the shack warm through the winter!

Directions and maps to both meeting places can be found in the Allen County Ham News for March, which is a free download at WWW.ACARTS.COM or WWW.FWRC.INFO

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