Fort Wayne Radio Club auction results for 2014

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Bidders at FWRC auction

Bidders at the January, 2014 FWRC auction. Photo by KU8T. See more photos.

This year the annual Fort Wayne Radio Club auction was held on Friday, January 17, 2013. There were 31 attendees who signed for an identifying number for the auction. The seven folks who came to watch and not participate in the auction activity did not need to take an identifying number.

The best news is that the club gained 8 new/renewing members during the auction. This resulted in an income of $130 for the club and $12 for ACARTS. One of those members used a one year free membership for taking a class sponsored by FWRC and passing the ham license test.

A father-son pair came to observe the auction, and left their contact information. They were seeking possible equipment (and ham radio information) for the son.

The auction benefit to the Fort Wayne Radio Club was a miserly $56.25 compared to past years. One of the participants (Dave Van Doorn, W9WEL) owes the club $20, and when that income is received the auction will have provided $76.25. The sum includes donations of $6.00 total from participants Tammy Preble, Scott Badders, and Jack Shutt.


An error was discovered during the checkout process after the auction was over. A seller for the item recorded on “sticky note # B97” was identified as participant #19. Participant #19 refused to take the sale money ($4.00 less $0.40 to the club = $3.60), saying he did not bring anything to the auction to sell. That leaves the club with $3.60 it should not have. Combing through the auction records revealed that Jack Shutt is the most likely seller who should receive the money. “Sticky notes” numbered before and after #B97 were for Jack’s equipment. Jack offered to donate the money due back to the club. That brings the donation total to $9.60.

So the real auction proceeds will be $76.25 after everything gets settled.

There were 22 active participants this year, with 5 who both sold and purchased items. There were 15 participants who only purchased items, and 3 participants who only sold items. In total, there were 8 sellers at the auction including the club itself.

I really appreciate the help of W9DJS, WB9SSE and W9SAN in helping keep track of the auction proceedings, and in behalf of the club I want to thank Chad Beech and Jim Pliett for their auctioning abilitieS.

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