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The Fort Wayne Radio Club and Allen County Amateur Radio Technical Society jointly operate a Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio (D-STAR) repeater. This page is designed to provide helpful information to present and potential D-STAR users.

Fort Wayne Repeater Information

  • Call sign: W9TE
  • Frequency: 442.99375 MHz, +5 Mhz offset
  • Mode: DV
  • Your Call: CQCQCQ
  • RPT1 Call: W9TE***B (* = spaces)
  • RPT2 Call: W9TE***G (* = spaces)

View the repeater gateway dashboard.

Learn how to register with the W9TE D-STAR gateway.

Learn how to program a D-STAR radio for any Indiana D-STAR repeater.

View a map showing the approximate signal footprints of all Indiana D-STAR repeater systems.

Links to D-STAR-Related Resources

http://www.dstarusers.org – The D-STAR Users Organization site contains information on last heard JFindU D-STAR maps, a repeater directory, D-STAR solutions, forums and more.

http://www.dstarinfo.com – The Georgia D-STAR website contains information on FAQs, conferences, news, applications (D-STAR programs), nets, reflectors, repeaters, a calculator and more.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D-STAR – Wikipedia description of D-STAR, subject content includes: history, gateway technical details, D-RATS, criticisms, Non-Icom D-STAR repeater, compatible programs and projects, home-brew D-STAR radio and equipment.

http://www.niftyaccessories.com/ – select “D-STAR E-Z Guide” from left panel to display description of the “Comprehensive D-STAR Operating Reference” book which includes information on these subjects: D-STAR call routing, local and remote repeater operation, linking to D-STAR reflectors, programming radios for D-STAR operation, text and data file transmission, using a computer and a DV dongle, finding and accessing D-STAR repeaters and more.

http://www.icomamerica.com/en/products/amateur/dstar/dstar/default.aspx – Icom general information on D-STAR includes: Five communication applications using D-STAR, ICOM D-STAR radio selection guides, D-STAR FAQs, and D-RATS capabilities.

http://www.k5tit.org – The Texas Interconnect Team K5TIT D-STAR website includes information on: K5TIT repeaters, meeting information, membership information, club officers, Web links, and D-STAR users last heard.

http://www.jfindu.net/DSTARPages.aspx – Pete Loveall, AE5PL’s D-STAR website contains information on D-STAR repeaters, D-STAR activity, D-PRS IGates, and D-PRS IGate activity.

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