August fox hides near river

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foxhunt cartoon

On Sunday, August 11, the sun was shining brightly and the temperature was darn near perfect. With just a few puffy white clouds in the sky, it was a great day to be fox hunting. Two teams, Charles Ward, KC9MUT, running solo, and the team of Linda, W9LAN, Steve, W9SAN, with their grandson Alex, were at the starting point ready to charge after the sly fox. Filling the roll of sly fox was newbie hunter Bill Hopkins, K9WEH, who had chosen a shady and pleasant location on the back side of Shoaff Park in Fort Wayne, a stones’ throw from the St. Joseph River. Bill was sitting at a table hiding in plain sight under some trees with a small vertical antenna and battery power supply.

At 1:30 pm, Bill accidently started transmitting on the input to the ’76 repeater, but quickly changed to the 146.43 simplex fox frequency, and the hunt was off! Both teams headed to the north-northwest, and the strength of the fox rose rapidly. Upon arriving at the entrance to Shoaff Park, the extreme signal of the high-power fox was apparent. However, the direction indicated required driving on the one-way loop inside the park. The Nardin team started around while Charles was set upon by a curious park goer asking questions.

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Receiver auction photos available

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FWRC is running an estate auction of a collection of a wide variety of communication receivers. Photos of the auction items are now available on this website.

Below is information that Steve Nardin, W9SAN provided about the auction. Contact Steve with any questions not answered below.


The FWRC has agreed to help the widow of a silent key auction his extensive collection of modern shortwave and communications receivers. All equipment is in excellent condition and spans a wide variety of radio equipment. We also including some other gear that FWRC has left over from some previous auctions, but the lion’s share is from the mentioned collection.

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