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FWRC is running an estate auction of a collection of a wide variety of communication receivers. Photos of the auction items are now available on this website.

Below is information that Steve Nardin, W9SAN provided about the auction. Contact Steve with any questions not answered below.


The FWRC has agreed to help the widow of a silent key auction his extensive collection of modern shortwave and communications receivers. All equipment is in excellent condition and spans a wide variety of radio equipment. We also including some other gear that FWRC has left over from some previous auctions, but the lion’s share is from the mentioned collection.


The auction is running from now until 6:00 pm EDT Friday, June 14.


Bidding will be accomplished by sending an e-mail to W9SAN@ARRL.NET. I will respond as best I can and acknowledge your bid, but it could in some cases take up to 24 hours or more.


The minimum bid is $5.00, and the minimum increment is $1.00. Certain high dollar items will have reserves on them. As bids come in, I will update the listing of bids via e-mail. My plan is to do this a minimum of one each per day; more if that is warranted by high bidding levels.


In any matter related to this auction, the final word and judgement of the Fort Wayne Radio Club Board Of Directors shall be observed.


It is the intent of FWRC that no shipping of any item will be done. If the winner of any bid is outside a 50-mile radius of Fort Wayne, IN, then we may allow arrangements to meet you halfway for exchange of the item for payment (see payment details).


FWRC members can pay with cash, check, or money order. Winners not FWRC members are asked to pay with cash, money order, or certified check only. Payment is due immediately upon pickup of the equipment.


The FWRC is asking for help with checking out the long list of radios. In the spreadsheet of equipment and current bids, the status will be listed. We are doing our best to thoroughly test all radios and accessories. High dollar items will get the most extensive testing. If you are particularly interested in a certain piece of gear, and it is not tested, you may request that you perform the testing. Be aware that this will not give you any edge in winning the bidding. (we will take a dim view of testers that declare the item to be junk so they get a better chance of winning!)

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