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Fri., Aug 17th, 2018, 7:00pm
Sun., Sep 9th, 2018, 1:30pm
Tue., Sep 11th, 2018, 7:00pm
Fri., Sep 21st, 2018, 7:00pm
Sun., Oct 7th, 2018, 1:30pm
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FWRC participates in the annual ARRL Field Day event every June.

FWRC conducts a monthly fox (hidden transmitter) hunt from March through November.

FWRC members bring test eqiupment to one meeting per year for the club's annual "rig clinic."

Every August, FWRC hosts a free tailgate hamfest.

FWRC members participate in the ARRL VHF QSO Party from an upper level of a parking structure.

The August 2018 Issue of Allen County HamNews Is Now Available

HamNewsIcon 2018 08The August 2018 Issue of the Allen County HamNews newsletter is now available for download using the link below. This and previous issues are also available for download by clicking the "Files" link in the main menu and then clicking "Newsletters."


August 2018 issue of the Allen County HamNews

The August 2018 issue of the Allen County HamNews in PDF format.

Date 2018-08-01 Filesize 1.91 MB Download 95

License exams in Fort Wayne Aug. 4

The next scheduled Amateur Radio testing here in Allen County will be held on Saturday August 4th. The test location is at the Fort Wayne area Boy Scout Council office. The Boy Scout office address is 8315 West Jefferson Blvd here in Fort Wayne. Despite the West Jefferson address, the office is accessed by taking the access road across from the entrance to Lutheran Hospital. Take the access road to the very end and the Boy Scout office is the last building. We will be in the basement next to the Kitchen.
All classes of license testing will be given. No appointment necessary. We will take checkins from 9 to 11 AM. The cost for W5YI testing remains at $14 for 2018. You will need a photo ID and a second form of ID. If you are testing for a license upgrade you will also need to bring a photo copy of your current license to leave with the paperwork.
 The final test sessions in Allen County for 2018 will be on Saturday November 17th at the Fort Wayne Hamfest.

July, 2018 minutes available

Minutes of the July 2018 general meeting of the Fort Wayne Radio Club are available for download:

July, 2018 general meeting minutes
Date 2018-07-23 Filesize 83.91 KB Download 57

July fox hides on old tow path

foxhunt cartoonThe fox hunt for July started promptly at 1:30 pm, 8 July, one week late due to the 4th of July holiday. On hand were three eager foxhunter teams, Steve and Linda, W9’s SAN & LAN, Don, K9LI and his wife Kathy, and Charles, KC9MUT, Fred, KC9EZP accompanied by new ham and foxhunter Stuart, KD9LFW. 

The foxes for this hunt were Jim K9OMA and Anne KA9YYI. The fox location was on the near west side of Ft. Wayne just off Glendale Ave., on the Tow Path, part of the River Greenway This location was a bit of a challenge for the hunters because the direct path from the Corbin Memorial Park starting point to the fox location ran right through downtown Ft. Wayne. Experienced foxhunters will tell you the signal bounces around due to the tall buildings.  

Don was the first hunter to localize us at about 50 minutes in to the hunt. He and Kathy drove past the high power fox and went about ¼ mile further down the road. Don appeared about 10 minutes later on foot with his portable fox sniffer. 

The microfox was in a shallow hole covered with grass and just off the Tow Path. After a bit of careful sniffing Don located the microfox. About ten minutes later Charles and Stuart arrived on the scene and were successful also. Steve and Linda arrived about 20 minutes later. Being the last hunter is really frustrating because all of the other hunters critique your work. So after some very anxious moments Steve pulled the microfox out of the hole and nearly pitched it at me. So to get cooled down we all headed to Penguin Point for some Cold drinks and Snacks. 

Given Don and Kathy were the first to find the microfox, they will perform the duties of the fox for the August (5 August) hunt. The foxhunt scorecard so far this year is as follows:

Fox Hunter Points this Hunt Year-to-Date Points
WB9RUS 0 16.5
WB9SSE 0 17.5
K9OMA 4.33 18.33
KA9YYI 4.33 14.33
KC9MUT 2 18.5
KC9EZP 2 16.5
W9SAN 1 13.33
W9LAN 1 12.33
Alex 0 11.33
KC9UHU 0 5
AB9IZ 0 2
K9LI 4 6
Kathy 3 4
Rudy 0 1
KB9RLW 0 9
KD9LFW 2 2

Why not give foxhunting a try? It’s easy, fun (although at times it can be a little frustrating), and you’ll most likely learn something about propagation.

Indiana statewide DSTAR net expanding

An Indiana statewide net on DSTAR will change from biweekly to weekly beginning July 5, 2018, according to a letter from L.B. Nickerson, K9NWQ. The net will run every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on DSTAR reflector 24B. The FWRC DSTAR repeater autmatcially connects to that reflector at net time, according to Paul Prestia, KA3OPZ.

FWRC 146.91 MHz repeater temporarily requires CTCSS

The FWRC repeater on 146.91 MHZ has been repaired but in the process now needs a 141.3 HZ input tone. This requirement will be removed shortly. If you cannot bring up the system, try turning on your tone.

We will let you know when the machine is back to normal.

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